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My name is Angel, and I have litigated countless cases before judges and juries as a trial attorney. When I am not in the courtroom, I enjoy helping people get into, and excel in, law school. Between my social media platforms and direct one-on-one coaching, I have helped hundreds of students from at least 8 different countries gain admission into, and succeed in, law school.


During high school, I usually had to head to the neighborhood library to access a computer and the internet. Nevertheless, because I was determined to excel in my academics, I yet managed to attend the University of Alabama on a full-ride academic scholarship, graduate summa cum laude, and eventually gain admission into Harvard Law School.

Once I arrived at Harvard Law, however, it did not take long for me to feel like I had been a big fish in a small pond all my life,

 “Am I really that smart?”


It seemed like whereas everyone else knew what to do, I was alwasys lost. However, after I gained access to the secrets of law school success, I felt a responsibility to show “the how” behind my years of academic excellence. Therefore, the summer after my second year of law school I started a blog, Harvard & Hardship. The blog soon morphed into a full-fledged book, Harvard & Hardship: A Beginner’s Guide to College and Law School, and in no time, I received requests for hands-on guidance through the law and graduate school application processes.


Now that I am an attorney and Harvard Law graduate, I do not glory in my academic accomplishments. Instead, I enjoy helping others navigate their own academic path and realize their fullest academic potential.


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