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Angel was delighted when God answered her prayer to attend the school of her dreams. However, when she stepped onto the Harvard Law School campus, it seemed that whereas everyone else knew what they were doing, she was fumbling around to figure things out. To make matters worse, the Imposter Syndrome haunted her as she walked the halls and sat in classrooms, whispering that as a poor minority woman, Angel didn’t really belong at such an elite institution. Along with providing a behind-the-scenes perspective of life as a Harvard Law student, Harvard and Hardship unveils the hidden playbook of college and law school success, including:

  • admissions advice,
  • practical “how to” study tips,
  • strategies for final exam and final paper success,
  • and maintaining confidence in academic and intellectual spaces.

Harvard & Hardship is the ultimate guide to college and law school.

*Prologue: A Wilderness Experience*

Chapter 1: The Beginnings of the Imposter Syndrome

Chapter 2: God told me to go to Harvard Law School, so I went.

Chapter 3: Teach for America

Chapter 4: The Application Process

Chapter 5: Beware of Dream Killers

Chapter 6: Acceptance

Chapter 7: Money, Money, Money, MONEY!

Chapter 8: First Day Coincidences

Chapter 9: My Kind of Black

Chapter 10: Potato, Potahto

Chapter 11: There's a Thin Line Between a Genius and an Outline

Chapter 12: Conquering Cold Calls

Chapter 13: Extracurriculars

Chapter 14: What Classes Should I Take?

Chapter 15: Office Hours, Not for the Faint of Heart

Chapter 16: The Grade Myth

Chapter 17: Please Hire Me

Chapter 18: The Bar

Chapter 19: The Imposter Syndrome: A Defeated Foe




Harvard and Hardship: A Beginner's Guide to College and Law School