In this book's prequel (Harvard and Hardship: A Beginner's Guide to College and Law School), Angel shared the failures, triumphs, and lessons learned as a Harvard Law student. In fact, one of the practical tips was to, "Get a writing guide." After feedback from readers and clients, she compiled the cornucopia of writing tactics she had developed from elementary school through law school:


"After about three months, I had a writing guide that I figured would help that student who feels overwhelmed by their writing assignment." - Angel


This writing guide provides practical steps to writing a well-written, well-researched paper, including:

  • How to conduct research for an analytical paper
  • Different approaches to structure an analytical paper
  • How to write an introduction, conclusion, and "however paragraph"
  • Guidance for writing legal memos, legal briefs, law school research papers, and answering law school written exams


Part A: College and University Research Papers

Chapter 1: The Quote and Comment

Chapter 2: The Observe and Cite

Chapter 3: The However Paragraph

Chapter 4: The Introduction

Chapter 5: The Conclusion

Chapter 6: Citations


Part B: Law School

Chapter 7: Legal Citations 

Chapter 8: Law School Exams

Chapter 9: Legal Research

Chapter 10: The Legal Memo

Chapter 11: The Legal Brief

Chapter 12: Legal Research Papers


Part C: Tricks of the Trade

Chapter 13: Help! I haven't reached the minimum word count.

Chapter 14: Help! This doesn't sound smart.

Chapter 15: Transition Words and Phrases

Harvard and Hardship: University and Law School Writing Guide

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