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Mini Prep Webinar

Law School 101

I failed my first semester of law school, but you don't have to.

In less than ONE hour, I will teach you the secrets I wish someone would have told me before I entered law school, so you can be in a better position to compete with your peers and land your dream legal job.

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Getting into law school is only half the battle. Learn how to finish at the top of the class.
Calling all newly-admitted law students who desire to succeed in law school!

You're about to discover the secrets of how to "do" law school with the confidence and peace of mind in knowing that you are studying smarter, not harder.


Here's what I will be teaching you in this mini-workshop

How to read for law school.

No one, not even my professors, taught me how to do this! Join the webinar and learn this basic law school skill.

How to write for law school.

You will have a writing class during your first year, but that's the time for you to perform and execute. Learn how to write BEFORE you have to do it for a grade.

How to study for law school.

Welcome to the big leagues! Studying for law school is totally different from studying for college or a master's degree.

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Download the replay now.

Ready to succeed in law school?

Student Spotlight

"The content itself is phenomenal. She's basically giving you a blueprint to law school: what to expect, and giving you an action plan behind it. So I highly recommend it to anyone interested in law school, even if it's not Harvard specifically."


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Hi!  My name is Angel, and I am a 2016 Harvard Law grad, trial attorney, and law school coach. 

I have litigated countless cases before judges and juries as a trial attorney. When I'm not in the courtroom, I enjoy helping people get into, and excel in, law school. Between my social media platforms and direct one-on-one coaching, I have helped hundreds of students from at least 8 different countries gain admission into, and succeed in, law school.

But my path has been far from easy. I entered law school as a first-generation law student from a low-income background. I had no one to teach me the fundamentals of law school.

So I failed the first semester.

However, once I figured out how to "do" law school, I bounced back.

Now, I want to help others start strong in law school, so they are in a competitive position to land their dream legal career.

Hello there


Law School 101

Law school is hard, but it's not impossible!

Be proactive. Prepare yourself for the rigors of law school.

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